Queen of Pharmaceuticals

Virgo; ISFJ
24 years of mental instability; Borderline Personality Disorder

I suffer from depression, anxiety, mood swings, and self harm. I'm overly emotional, sensitive, easily offended and take things too personally. I also love organization. It makes me very calm to have everything organized.


Teacup with mustache guard. Glazed porcelain, gold. c. 1885. German. Gift of Dr. Clifford Leonard.

(via bonedrone)

i’ve been reckless

i stopped my birth control like 2 weeks ago and my bf doesn’t know

do we still do tmi tuesday?

ask me stuff…..distract me…i’ll be here for the next several hours x_x

so according to the law here (bavarian law) i’m not allowed to be on (illegal) drugs while seeing a therapist

like…that doesn’t even make any sense..people who are addicted to drugs go to rehab and so much therapy to get rid of the addiction

and because my therapist is gracious, she’s giving me 25 sessions to quit smoking..while she could have ended therapy right now

god this is going to be so hard. i’m so mad right now i could throw myself out a window

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